Regulatory Framework

The primary regulatory bodies for cannabis in Minnesota include the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) housed within the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for adult-use cannabis, and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) for medical cannabis. The OCM oversees adult-use cannabis, while the MDH manages the Medical Cannabis Program, ensuring compliance with health regulations and patient safety [1][2][5].

Legal Status

Market Status Act/Law Year
Adult-Use Legal House File 100 [12] 2023
Medical Legal Compassionate Care Act [16] 2014
Homegrow Legal Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 152 [13] 2023


Both the adult-use and medical cannabis sectors in Minnesota employ the Metrc system as their track-and-trace solution, managed by the OCM and MDH respectively. This system ensures that cannabis products are tracked from seed to sale, enhancing safety and regulatory compliance [3].


The OCM makes the following licenses available: [17]

License Type Description
Microbusiness grow (5,000 sq ft indoor, one-half acre outdoors), make, sell, and buy cannabis, with on-site consumer lounges
Mezzobusiness grow (15,000 sq ft indoor, one acre outdoor), make, sell, and buy cannabis
Cultivator grow (30,000 sq ft indoors, two acres outdoors), harvest, package, label, and transport fully grown cannabis plants, and seedlings to manufacturers
Manufacturer process raw cannabis plants into intermediate and packaged products, sell to other cannabis businesses
Retailer sell packaged cannabis products to the general public and medical patients, up to five retail locations
Wholesaler buy and sell cannabis, cannabis products, and lower-potency hemp products to other licensees
Transporter licensed contractor to move regulated products between licensed busiensses
Testing Facility Licenses for facilities that test cannabis products for safety and potency [17]
Event Organizer host events up to 4 days featuring cannabis, and may allow for the sale and use of cannabis, cannabis products, and lower-potency hemp products to consumers at events
Delivery Service sell and deliver regulated products directly to consumers
Lower-Potency Hemp Edible Manufacturer create, package, and label lower-potency hemp products, sell to cannabis businesses
Lower-Potency Hemp Edible Retailer sell packaged lower-potency hemp edibles to consumers
Medical Cannabis Combination Business grow (60,000 sq ft medical plant canopy, an additional 30,000 sq ft adult-use plant canopy), manufacture, package, label, and sell cannabis products, plants, and seedlings to both medical patients and adult consumers

Possession Limits

Item Possession Limit
Adult-use cannabis (public) 2 oz or less [13]
Adult-use cannabis (private) 2 lbs or less [13]
Homegrow plants 4 mature and 4 immature plants per residence, and up to 12 seedlings [13]

Medical Cannabis

In Minnesota, patients with qualifying conditions such as chronic pain, cancer, and ALS can register for medical cannabis use. Registration requires certification from a licensed Minnesota physician and adherence to the health department's procedures [18]. The program is designed to ensure patient safety and access to tested, regulated medical cannabis products.

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