Standard Operating Procedures

We've got a few SOPs documented here, we'll try to keep them organised.

General Guidance on Marijuana Inventory Tracking

Units of Measure

Always use the "Metric" system, that is Grams, and Liters.

Plant, Inventory and Lot Identifiers

Your regulatory system will heavily use these numbers and all items will be treated uniquely. So, pay good attention to these identifiers when scanning, updating or modifying items.

Go Slow!

It sounds counter-intuitive but slowing down, double checking the plan before proceeding and checking your work right after can save a lot of headache. If you rush through a process and make a mistake these regulatory systems make it difficult to correct. Better to delay a process by a few hours and do it correctly than to rush the process and have to spend a bunch of time undoing a mess.

Cultivation / Growing



In many regions the transfer of material require the filing or recording of a manifest with the regulatory agency.

Transfer / Incoming

Accepting Materials

  • In the software navigate to the Transfer (or Manifest) / Incoming section to Confirm
  • Review and Confirm Quantity and Prices of Received Items
  • Review Incoming Strain and Product Mapping
  • Accept Inventory
  • Review Inventory for Correct Quantities and Weights
  • Update / Adjust any received Lots as necessary to have correct weights

Most of the software in the space has a section or workflow to receive manifests. It's the responsibility of the receiver to verify these quantities and weights of the material. Many of the regulatory agencies use this as a checks-and-balances handshake type of process. The receiver may need to modify the received items to correct any discrepancies. If any updates must be made, keep good notes and save those records.