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LeafData is a software created by [MJ Freeway] and is used in [Washington] and [Pennsylvania]

Known Issues

Delayed Deployment

MJ Freeway initially claimed their system would be ready for Nov 1, 2017. They failed to meet that deadline, it was then pushed out to Dec 1, 2017 and then finally launched on Feb 1, 2018.

Security Incidents

On Feb 5 there was a security incident where the entire dataset was breached. Additionally it appeared that bad-actors had modified some records.

Missing Data

One key feature of these systems is to assign unique identifiers to all data-points that matter. We've observed hundreds of records that are simply missing this ID entirely! In other cases these identifiers create a relationship with other data (such as Strain+Product => Lot). It's possible to remove data, linked with these other objects which completely breaks data integrity.

For you DBAs reading, this means they don't know how to use, or enforce, foreign key relationships.

Date Handling

Since initial deployment LeafData has had many issues handling dates. It allows users to create materials in the past, the distant past. I allows invalid years such as '0000-00-00T00:00:00'. Both the LCB and MJ Freeway have known since Nov 2017 that standards such as ISO8601 or RFC 3339 could/should be used. Yet another data failure.

Revenue Reporting

The system has yet to record sales accurately. Revenue reports are way off, in some cases by orders of magnitude. Licenses who've shown a steady stream

Harvest Weights

When deployed in Feb 2018 LeafData was unable to handle multiple collections from the same plants, or batch of plants. A work around was available to software integrators to manually updated batches. The editing functionality was removed in v1.37.5. There is currently no defined method for multiple collections.

LW 4821

On May 26th, 2019 it was discovered that some bugs in a third party integrator software had allowed retail licenses to change the quantities of inventory-lots in supply-side licenses -- in many case for sales that had occurred over a year ago! Sure, it was a failure of that third-party integrator when sending incorrect values to LeafData -- but it was an even bigger failure for LeafData to allow License_A to modify any data for License_B -- there is a fundamental failure of authorization in LeafData.

Release 1.35.7

This release is scheduled to be deployed on June 6, 2019. It was made available to software integrators about five weeks before then. There are 100s of bug fixes in this release. The LCB is branding it "their most comprehensive release".

  • Date Issues Persist
  • Harvest Batch Data Correct is BLOCKED