Labels (or Tags) mean a few different things in the track-and-trace world.

Inkjet Printing

Generally this is not recommended for these labels, due to moisture and temperature changes on plant labels. However, there are some printers, like the Epson C3500, that are good for retail-package labels and have higher quality inks that are a little more durable.

Labels should be durable, like these Avery 60527 which are waterproof, UV resistant and have permanent adhesive.

Direct Thermal Labels ==

The LP 2824 or GK420d for example use this model, where the labels are basically burned.

You can test for Thermal / Direct by scratching the label with a penny or key, it should make a black mark. Sometimes, rolls of these Thermal / Direct type labels will not print, because they are defective, use the penny test.

Label Application

The Dispensa-Matic Flex-Matic label applicator enables the user to label all kinds of flat objects by simply setting the desired spacing using the digital readout and guides.

Label Vendors

Just a list of vendors, not an endorsement.