The Central Cannabis Reporting System is a technology platform designed by the CFO of the LCBJim Morgan (CFO) of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. This system requires licensee to upload operational information via eight(8) different uniquely crafted CSV files.


To Register for CCRS licensees visit and then sign in with their Secure Access Washington (SAW) account.

B2B Transfers

B2B Transfers are handled through two methods.

  1. The Supply-Side Actor will use a web-form on the Drupal powered LCB webite at
  2. The Demand-Side Actor will upload a Inventory Transfer CSV file or a Plant Transfer CSV file

Lab Results

Lab Results are NOT TRANSFERRED between the Lab and the Licensee with this new system. All lab results are moved between the systems manually -- unless they are using the WCIA system.



The system previously only sent emails on errors. The system has been updated to now send an email on success.


CCRS Launched.