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* http://www.unitedlabel.com/
* http://www.unitedlabel.com/
* http://www.westhort.com/wrap-around-tags/wrap-around-laser.html
* http://www.westhort.com/wrap-around-tags/wrap-around-laser.html
* https://www.labelvalue.com/

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Labels (or Tags) mean a few different things in the track-and-trace world.

Direct Thermal Labels

The LP 2824 or GK420d for example use this model, where the labels are basically burned.

You can test for Thermal / Direct by scratching the label with a penny or key, it should make a black mark. Sometimes, rolls of these Thermal / Direct type labels will not print, because they are defective, use the penny test.

Label Application

The [Dispensa-Matic Flex-Matic](http://dispensamatic.com/flex-matic/) label applicator enables the user to label all kinds of flat objects by simply setting the desired spacing using the digital readout and guides.

Label Vendors

Just a list of vendors, not an endorsement.