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= Introduction =
This document is intended to be a living glossary of Cannabis industry-specific jargon. The goal of the Jargon File is to reduce the barriers of entry to communicating different components of this industry to people.
= Glossary =
== A ==
== C ==
=== Cannabis Marketplace ===
== G ==
=== Grower ===
**Growers**, sometimes called farmers,
== L ==
=== Licensee ===
Licensees are referred to as any natural persons or business entities that possess a cannabis license from a [https://openthc.com Regulatory Agency] that enables them to participate in the cannabis industry in a specific role such as [[#Production Licensee]], retail, or caregiving.
== M ==
== N ==
== O ==
== P ==
=== Processor ===
A **Processor** licensee handles bulk cannabis material for conversion into other materials. Processors can do several operations to the bulk material such as curing, commodity extraction, and various methods of oil extraction.
=== Producer ===
A **Producer** licensee handles intermediate cannabis material that is being prepared for end-user consumption. Producers normally are attached to the brand that their parent company has developed for them.
=== Production Licensee ===
A Production Licensee is a cannabis license holder that is enabled by their local [[#Regulatory Agency]] to perform in at least one role in the cannabis industry as a: [[#Grower]], [[#Producer]], or [[#Processor]].
== R ==
=== Regulatory Agency ===
A Regulatory Agency is referred to as any government agency that directly regulates its administrative region's legal cannabis industry.
== Z ==
== # ==

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